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Bloc. Uncompromised quality.

Over the past 20 years, Bloc has established its solid reputation for delivering projects of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship and excellence in design management. Its projects to date total more than two billion dollars.

With the soul of a small company but the unprecedented experience delivering large-scale projects, Bloc has developed the successful systems and procedures necessary to deliver exceptional results on every project for every client. Bloc directors are hands-on and their team brings tangible value to developments from beginning to end.

The Bloc building blocks.
‘The Four Pillars of BLOC quality.’

Pillar 1 | Structure

  1. Bloc executes its own set of rigorous structural design standards for all projects. These exceed the requirements of the National Construction Code and Australian Standards.
  2. Every building’s structural design is reviewed by an independent structural engineer.
  3. No less than 5 independent checks/reviews of workmanship are conducted prior to placing any structural concrete.

Pillar 2 | Waterproofing

  1. Detailed design analyses of all building elements subject to water leaks are done prior to construction, for example;
    • Structural restraint analysis
    • Structural deflection and movement analysis
    • Thermal movement analysis
    • Strategic drain placement
    • Only the highest quality waterproof membranes are used
  2. All building elements subject to water leakage, for example, showers, bathrooms, balconies, windows, facades are flood tested after installation to ensure they are performing correctly. Photo records are taken as evidence and given to owners.
  3. Bloc employs dedicated staff to ensure waterproofing design and construction is completed to the highest standard.
  4. The Australian Standards only require 1 layer of waterproofing membrane to be applied to all shower areas. Bloc’s standard practice is to apply 2,  doubling the waterproofing effectiveness.
  5. Independent reviews of building elements by one of Australia’s leading waterproofing experts.

Pillar 3 | Acoustic

  1. Acoustic design reports are prepared for all buildings to ensure critical acoustic elements of the building perform to the required standard.
  2. Acoustic testing of all critical building elements, such as apartment party walls, plant rooms and equipment, is done prior to completion and test certificates are issued to owners.

Pillar 4 | Fire

  1. Bloc engages independent consultants to verify that all fire passive ratings are executed in accordance with the Australian Standards. This is in addition to the prescribed self-certification that the industry requires.
  2. Photographic evidence supporting all passive fire rating systems provided is given to owners.
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